Want A Hands Off Property Management Service?

We offer a number of packages as we understand that the needs of every landlord are different.

From managing one property to a whole portfolio, you can rest assured that Frey Estates will take care of it all. 

Finding Tenants

This package is ideal for landlords who wish to manage their property themselves. We will find you a suitable tenant, collect necessary documents, conduct references, collect first month rent/ deposit and over see the move in.

Rent Guarantee

In some circumstances, even the best tenants can fall behind in rental payments. Our Rent guarantee package gives you the peace of mind that the rent will be paid even if your tenant doesn’t.

Property Maintenance

Our property management package is perfect for landlords who wish to have a complete hands off approach. Let us handle your property so you can reclaim your time.

Dispute Management

As a landlord sometimes it can be difficult communicating with tenants and finding common ground. We can help settle disputes on your behalf giving you more free time.

Are You A Landlord Looking Help With Your Property?