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No Power Throughout The Property

First telephone the electricity board to check that the loss of power is not because of a general power cut, unpaid bills or failure to pay for connection. If none of the above are applicable, first check your fuse box to ensure that the switches have not tripped.

All switches should be in the ‘On’ position and any found in the ‘Off’ position can easily be switched back on. Please watch this video guide to checking your fuse box.

If the loss of power is not due to one of those factors then you must report this issue through this system and contact us by telephone.

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Safety Alarms & Detectors

Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms can be mains powered or battery powered. If your alarm is battery powered and is not functioning correctly please check whether the batteries require replacement before reporting your issue. This is demonstrated in the video clip below.

The replacement of alarm batteries is an occupier’s responsibility.

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Water Leak

For minor water leaks such as a dripping radiator/pipe/tap, please apply any suitable measures to contain the leak and prevent damage by use of a towel/bucket etc. and if necessary, turn off the water supply via the stopcock (usually located under the kitchen sink or somewhere similar – see video clip below for guidance on this). Then proceed to report the issue to us via this system.

If the leak cannot be contained and/or it is causing damage to the property (especially if it is penetrating into an electrical fitting) it is classified as an emergency and it must be reported to us through this system and by telephone as soon as possible.

In those circumstances you should turn the water off immediately using the stopcock (this looks like a tap and is usually located under the kitchen sink, or somewhere similar. See video clip below for guidance on this)

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Blocked Toilet

If you are aware of what might be causing the blockage, and feel that you may be able to unblock it yourself using something like a plunger, please attempt to do so. Please watch the video clip below for guidance on how to do this.

If you are not aware of what could be causing the blockage, or if you are unable to unblock it yourself, please report your issue through this system and also by telephone. Please note: if a contractor advises that the blockage was caused by misuse, then you may be liable for the cost of repair. You should always have the use of a toilet. If you do not, then this would be considered an urgent issue and must be reported to us both through this system and by telephone.

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Boiler not working / Boiler Pressure

Demonstrated in the video above, how to re pressurise your boiler.

Please also check that the failure is not due to unpaid bills/credit meter, or issues with the supply of gas/electric in your area. If the boiler cannot be turned on, or if there is no hot water/heating after the boiler has been turned on and enough time has passed to heat the water/radiators, then please report this issue through our system and contact us by telephone.